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Singlet Mayham - Session Sour Ale (4.7% ABV)

Singlet Mayham - Session Sour Ale (4.7% ABV)

Niang Brewery Co
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Mango  |  Tart  |  Lychee

Disguised with his dog-head mask, this baby wreaks havoc and tries to hunt down the rare pale blue axolotl with his most potent arrow, the Mango Blossom.

To celebrate our 2nd Year Anniversary, mangos were used for two beers, each with its unique flavour. The tartness of fresh mango is paired with light sweet creamy mouthfeel, finished with subtle aromas of lychee & pineapple, akin to Mango Milk Pudding.

Flavour Pairings

  • Salted Egg Prawn
  • Sichuan Dumpling
  • Avocado Egg Sourdough Toast
  • Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Wafer