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About Us

Our Story

Niang Brewery Co (酿) is a local craft beer brewery that seeks to tell the local story in our beers, both in tangible & intangible ways. Much like how certain flavours bring you back to a particular place & time, these stories invoke memories. We wanted our beers to resonate with our Community through the celebration of local ingredients, diverse culture, collective aspirations & identities.

Inspired by a memory, we launch a rigorous process of designing each beer, similar to the process of cooking, with one end in mind: to bring the best in flavours from our beers into your next great dining experience. With that in mind, we hope the stories & flavours we create goes into the beers that we love.  

Understanding that our memories are constantly rewritten, redefined and given new meaning inside our brains, we mirror this in our beers: no two brews are ever the same. We are constantly experimenting with styles, hops and grains to bring you new sensations.